Ikom/Etung Humanitarian Expedition 2018

*When you reach out to a child, you save a mother some stress *When you save a mother from stress, you save a generation from stress *Let us join our hands together in peace and love so as to save a generation

Our Hero (Prince Nico Mbarga of Rocafiljazz) before he passed on in 1997, conceived a reach out project for mothers and children.
One of his very passionate project was to kick off an outreach project for pupils of public primary schools.

His passion was driven by a story he severally narrated of how he went through primary school in perpetual lack as his subsistent farmer mother and timber dealer father who was always away in tropical forests had financial challenges providing for their many children

21 YEARS TODAY #NMSMF is kicking off the vision and project that has existed in the world of ideas.

Prince Nico Mbarga schooled in St. Martins Primary school Ikom and grew up around communities of Ikom, Etung & Obubbra, as such #NMSMF is taking it off in that order