Sweet-mother studios

Sweet-Mother Studios


Sweet Mother Studios is intended to provide major services in the entertainment/fashion industry and other related spheres.

The inspiration of sweet mother studios comes from the works and legacy of late Prince Nico Mbarga of Rocafiljazz. Mbarga, a dual citizen of Nigeria and Cameroon who lived between 1950 – 1997 was one of the maestros of African music who was internationally recognized for his greatest hit Sweet Mother’ which was recorded in 1976 at the age of twenty-four and sold about thirteen million copies world-wide, a record which has not been beaten till date.

In the 20th anniversary of the legend ‘Mbarga’ a memorial and immortalisation was organised for him by his family, fans, friends and well-wishers. In a beat to immortalise him, several projects were birthed and unveiled, among them are

  • An annual Prince Nico Mbarga Concert
  • Nico Mbarga Sweet Mother Foundation NMSMF
  • Rocafiljazz Rebirth
  • A gold plated statue in his Ikom home and
  • Sweet Mother Studios

Sweet Mother Studios is an umbrella group that is entertainment/fashion centric, under the umbrella is the following subdivisions;

  • Sweet Mother Studio (Audio)
  • Sweet Mother Studio (Video/Graphics)
  • Sweet Mother Studio (Beauty/Fashion)
  • Sweet Mother Studio (Events Management)